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What are advantages regarding double pet pram pricing?
Hubei Rodite industry &trading co., LTD adopts a cost-based pricing strategy to fix the price of the pet pram . We take only the cost of the sum of the products' parts, manufacturing cost, overhead expenses, and other necessary costs into serious consideration when pricing the product. Also, by streamlining the production process and improving production technology, we endeavor to cut down the production cost without sacrificing the product quality. Reflecting on the most common and well-known pricing framework in existence, our cost-based price strategy gives customers the most preferential price and the greatest benefits.

Rodite has been committed to the production of sporty pet stroller for many years. According to the material, Rodite's products are divided into several categories, and baby stroller is one of them. The product is operational in hot and cold temperatures, while traditional lights tend to have a difficult time functioning in this situation. Its seat is of moderate thickness which can provide pets with some protection and comfort as well. The product has passed all relative quality certificates. With a durable steel frame structure, it is not easy to break.

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