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by:Rodite     2020-09-17
Luo Dai tiffany co. , LTD. , located in the beautiful city, here, is a set design, production and sales of high-end children's cart and peripheral products for the integration of modern enterprises. The main products for the Eagle Eagle series and Zebra Zebra series stroller. In December 1999 & other; Road leopard & throughout; The trademark by the state administration for industry and commerce assessment for the Chinese well-known trademark. “ Road leopard & throughout; Brand can be the only child in the world supplies a wide impact in the field of Chinese brand. Road leopard pram manufacturer dedicated is healthy, wisdom and love forever. Road leopard adhering & other; Care for children, services throughout family &; Tenet, every year invested heavily used in the development of new products development, continuously introduce original parenting products and forward-looking humanization, up to now has more than 2800 Chinese and foreign patents. At panther industrial park road, dozens of production factory, has the world first-class professional production equipment and strict quality system, the international first-class brand products constantly from here to the world every day. Road leopard through domestically owned by 35 sales center, sales network of 4000 outlets, entered the myriad consumer family, children's products in China market best-selling products. Road leopard stroller products are exported to the United States, Europe, southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Russia, etc. More than 70 countries and regions. Road leopard pram manufacturer Eagle Eagle series and a Zebra Zebra series continuous twice by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and other Throughout China's brand-name products &; , and road leopard baby car manufacturers and issued by the national quality inspection and quarantine & other; The quality of the products exempted from inspection & throughout; Certificate, was named the famous trademark of fujian province. According to the national light industry association latest statistics, road leopard baby cart market share reached 70%, and 12 consecutive years won the first national sales of similar products and quality testing first. Road leopard pram manufacturer dedicated forever is healthy, the love of wisdom. Road leopard pram join trade sincerely welcome friends both at home and abroad to cooperate! Road leopard stroller as a child supplies in the world has wide influence in the field of Chinese brands, as & other; Throughout China's brand-name products &; And & other National inspection-exempted products & throughout; Production enterprises, on the arrival of the national consumer rights day solemn promise to the consumers, continue to insist on a & other; Love light up creative & throughout; The design inspiration, continuously a new concept for the design of Chinese children of children's products; Continue to & other; Health, wisdom, love & ndash; — Road leopard throughout product &; Concept, produced for meeting the needs of China and the world children, safe, comfortable, reliable products; Continued grasps & other; Concerned about children, family & service throughout; Concept, in the 35 service center of China, 233 group service station to provide standardized services to the consumers, at this point, we solemnly pledged billions of family & ndash; — 365 days, every day is 3 & middot; 15! To ensure the good boy every consumer & other; Good, good heart, good ease & throughout; ! Main products: the Eagle Eagle series and Zebra Zebra series, at the same time sincere friends both at home and abroad to join in cooperation.
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