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Top 3 Features to Watch for in a Stroller

by:Rodite     2020-05-27
Choosing the best stroller can mean the difference between a happy and comfortable baby and one that just doesn't want to sit, while making your day much more active than originally planned. While a great stroller does have the baby in mind, it's also important to choose something that's easy and comfortable to use on a daily basis. In order to get the best stroller for you and your baby, consider the top 3 features that everyone should always look out for: Weight One of the top features that always rates highly is a lightweight stroller. Heavy frames may seem like a strong and sturdy design made for long-term use, but it can certainly get very tiring pushing it around, even on small inclines. This tires you out and certainly causes a lot of strain on the body when having to lug it out of a car or carry it around with the baby every now and then. There are many wonderful lightweight stroller designs that are made tough and durable but also light for those long days out or simply as less of a burden for repeated carrying and unloading. Maneuverability Another very important feature is wheel control and stroller maneuverability. This is very important for non-jogger stroller since they will generally be used outdoors and in every day settings like shops. Having a stroller that's very stiff or has uneven wheel control certainly dampens any time spent with it since most of the time will be spent trying to move it to the desired location without getting in anyone's way. Smooth controls, good swiveling wheels and easy movement is essential for a stroller since one of the main purposes is to help you get from one point to another with as little effort as possible. Padding A stroller's main purpose is to provide comfort and safety to the baby sitting inside it. It's a way for the baby to see the world from a comfortable seated position or enjoy a peaceful nap when reclined. A stroller should always have thick and soft padding throughout the seat to ensure absolute comfort at all times. No matter which position the baby may be in, they should never feel discomfort or pain. Check the seat padding for any soft spots or uneven padding levels since they may cause discomfort over a longer period of time. Also make sure to check how the padding moves when the seat is reclined, since there are some cheaper models that will have the padding bunch up and move along with the seat. By keeping an eye out for these important features, you can rest assured that you've chosen the best stroller for many years of enjoyment for you and your little one.
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