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Things To Know Before Buying A Baby Stroller

by:Rodite     2020-05-16
The baby stroller is a very essential piece of equipment when having a baby. You want to make sure you pick the right stroller for your needs. First concern when picking a baby stroller would be the safety features. Make sure your choice meets all of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) recommendations. When choosing a stroller make sure that the stroller is well put together. Baby strollers need to be stable enough to withstand being tipped over, along with being able to withstand tough punishment as it will probably take it's share of bumps and bruises. You need to check the stroller harness as this should be a 5 point harness. Be sure all brakes on your baby stroller have locking features. You must consider what kind of wheels the stroller comes with. Do the wheels on the stroller that you are considering handle easily in tight places and crowed areas? Now, if you're a runner, you'll need a swivel wheel on the front of the stroller. You will also want to have all terrain wheels, so it will ride smoothly on all surfaces. After considering the safety aspect of a baby stroller, comfort for the child comes next. First, consider your baby's age, since a newborn can't sit up on their own, a stroller that allows the child to lie flat is good to start. Of course, you don't want to have to purchase a stroller for every different age of your child, so take into consideration the different aspects of your life style. Will the stroller be used in the city or in a country environment? If you climb a lot of stairs or you are using a bus in the city, a light weight stroller would be your best option here. They are more maneuverable and also folds up for better storage and easy to transport for those who travel a lot. For the athletic family, the jogging stroller is probably the one for you. Whatever stroller you select, be sure the seat reclines as well as having an adjustable foot rest, so you may adjust when your baby grows. Now that the safety and comfort of your child has been taken care of, your consideration is next. What type of features do you want, maybe a cup holder, adjustable handles, washable material, one button fold up feature, plenty of storage for baby wipes, diapers, etc. Since this is such a huge investment, be sure to test drive your stroller so that it fits your needs along with the safety and comfort of your child. Your budget will always be a factor in deciding which stroller to purchase and the more you spend the better quality stroller you can get, but remember it may not be the one for you and your baby. Do your research and purchase only what you and your baby need.
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