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There are seven reasons why pets need special carts. They are not friendly to meatballs in summer!

There are seven reasons why pets need special carts. They are not friendly to meatballs in summer!


For those who have pets at home, hairy children are a part of the family, just like a child who will never grow up. Because human beings love hairy children, more and more pet products and clothes have been developed.

Although it is often heard that "dogs, cats, are better than human life" or "dogs have feet? Why put them in the cart?" however, many pet products are designed to make the owners or pets more comfortable. For some parents or children, pet carts are "necessities" rather than "luxuries".



Seven reasons why pets need special carts

一. prepare for the future when the baby is old or injured

It is often heard that some parents say, "because the baby at home is old and has arthritis, walking has suddenly become a very difficult thing for it." so they rush to find pet trolleys in the Internet and stores. But in fact, it's not ideal to buy a pet cart only when the baby is old. The reasons are as follows:

1. Sharp increase of short-term care expenditure: when children grow old, they may start to cause a series of diseases, because their aging speed is several times faster than that of human beings, and their pain is relatively slow, often the problems are very sudden, so the medical expenses will increase sharply, and it is difficult to afford the expenses of pet carts in general. Or, because most of the money is spent on medical expenses, we have to choose a relatively simple and cheap cart first, which leads to the elderly or sick children suffering from discomfort.

2. Space to resist the unaccustomed: the hairy child has never been in the cart before, and then suddenly wants it to go on the cart when it is old and uncomfortable. The hairy child may not be used to it, or even be afraid to resist.

3. As long as there is a cart, you can take the old dog or sick dog to go out for a walk and a walk. You can take the cart to the park and riverside, instead of just staying at home every day to make him feel more depressed.


二. There is more than one hairy child in the family

If you have a small dog or cat at home and only one, it's not a problem that you can hold / carry it all the way out. But if you have three or four children at home, it's a big project to go out at the same time. It's a big problem whether you hold them or carry them on your back. With a cart, children can ride in the car, not only the owner is relaxed, but also they can play with their companions.



三. social behavior

The golden age of puppies' socialization is about 3 to 5 months. However, veterinarians usually suggest that puppies should not go out before they have finished three doses of prophylactic injection, so as to avoid contacting with various infectious pathogens, such as other animals, when their resistance is weakest. However, if they do not go out at home, they will miss the golden age of socialization. The pet cart is one of the best of both worlds, which can keep them safe while contacting the outside world and broadening their vision.

四. safety management

The modern living environment is more busy, crowded and complex, especially the urban roads are full of vehicles. In fact, these are full of potential dangers for children, and they are also easy to feel nervous. For example: in places with a large number of people, dogs are easy to be trampled or kicked when walking on the ground because of their small size. If the dog is timid or sensitive, it can prevent the dog from contacting with other pets directly, and prevent the dog from eating roadside things.

五. factors of public places

As long as people who have pets know that they can go to public places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls and even some scenic spots. Although it is stipulated that pets are not allowed to enter except for guide dogs, they can be placed in bags or trolleys. At this time, pet prams will come into good use (especially for large dog owners).

六. weather factors

In South China, the temperature is often more than 35 degrees in summer. The asphalt road is scorched by the sun. For animals who do not wear shoes and whose feet touch the ground directly, it is like walking on a saucepan. Although the cat and dog pads are very special skin and can withstand pressure, they are also very fragile. They once went out in summer. As a result, the dog pads were burned and skinned on the asphalt road. With a cart to ride, pets can avoid walking on the hot ground and directly to the park, turf, riverside and other places to play!

Love it, but also love yourself

The parents of hairy children love and love each other. They hope that the baby can follow them everywhere. But as the children grow up, their weight and body size also increase. Even some small dogs can't bear to hold their backs for a long time, or even get hurt in their arms and shoulders. With a pet cart, parents are relaxed and children are happy, you can go to more places and make more memories together.

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