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Small Dogs Vs Babies

by:Rodite     2020-06-02
It is amazing how much a small dog can change your life, it is in many ways comparable to a baby. The equipment, toys, and other necessities can, at first glance by others, make your house scream, 'a baby lives here.' Wiki, my Shorkie, has transformed our home from organized to a total mess. It was, at least, an organized mess, before Wiki converted us. Now, there are a couple of pee pee pads strategically placed for easy accessibility. Not that she is using them, but you never know she might decide they are for more than just the adhesive tabs on the bottom. Those little tabs are her nemesis'. She has not met a pee pee pad tab yet she did not feel was a personal threat, one that must be destroyed. Actually, Wiki has developed powers deep inside me I did not know I possessed. When she needs to go outside, she will sit on the floor next to me and lock her eyes in to my eyes. She is definitely, sending me a message. She knew I was psychic, before I knew I was psychic. Sometimes she will sit at the back door, and not make a sound, and I will know she has important business to attend to. It would be easier if she barked or yapped, but she would rather I use my psychic powers. She finds this especially intriguing if I am occupied and don't know she is at the door. Wiki has her own car seat. I did not realize that there was even such a thing, but I am sure glad there is. It sets her up high enough to see out the car window and keeps her out of my lap. I would not mind holding her in my lap, but if the airbag was ever 't even want to go there. She is so small, she can't get on the couch by herself, or jump off the couch. The best solution would be doggie stairs, but she is even too small for those. My solution, a small footstool butted against a medium ottoman butted against a large ottoman butted against the couch. Not the most attractive remedy, takes up a hunk of the living room, but it works. A doggie playpen is a big help; toss in a couple of toys and a pee pee pad and presto instant baby sitter. As long as, Wiki knows I am close and can see me she is happy. So much like a people baby. Everyone loves to take their dogs for a walk, right? Of course, but when that dog is small a walk becomes a duration, be sure you take a canteen of water and snacks to sustain you on this journey. Hence, the need for a doggie stroller. Ignore the people that stop to admire your baby and give you a funny stare when they discover your baby has four legs and a bushy tail, they don't know any better. Just wait, one day someone they love will give them a small dog, that will show them. Next time you are in some body's house and you see a car seat, playpen,stroller, and toys littering the room, don't assume they have a baby, it could just be another small dog invasion.
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