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Simple classification and functions of baby strollers

Simple classification and functions of baby strollers


Currently, newborn baby strollers on the market can be roughly divided into luxury types (full-recumbent and semi-recumbent) suitable for general home use and long-term use when going out, and lightweight types (also known as umbrella carts) that emphasize lightness and are suitable for frequent outings. There is also a tricycle designed specifically for outdoor use, with larger tires (such as inflatable bicycle tires) that can push babies to run.

  Choose a baby stroller, first of all, we must first have some understanding of the function.

  1, awning

  For babies, there is an awning that can prevent wind and rain, which is one of the conditions of the stroller. The size of the awning is related to the sunshade range and the function of wind protection.

In addition, there is also a specially designed parasol that can be fixed on the frame and has the function of full direction and height. The advantage is that it can control the direction of sunlight and is more ventilated. Some awnings also have anti-ultraviolet functions for you For selection reference.

  Beware of mothers: the awning can usually be removed or when it is not in use, it can be hung to the back of the car or the back of the towel, but remember that the awning should have a transparent design with a window above it so that you can visit the baby at any time.


  2, seat cushion

  The seat cushion can be said to be the most intimate place with the baby. The design will be different and tailored according to the size of the stroller or the folding method. Generally speaking, the seat and sleeper vehicles are more spacious and thick; some lightweight umbrellas have more spacious and thick seat cushions; and some lightweight umbrellas usually only have a single layer of fabric support due to the requirement of lightness.

  In addition, it should be noted that the depression of the seat cushion should not be too deep after the load is loaded, that is, the support must be sufficient, otherwise the baby will sit uncomfortably. In addition, in order to protect the young head, you can choose a soft design head cushion.

  3, chair back

The backrest of the chair is divided into two categories: adjustable and fixed angle; the dual-use cart can be adjusted to the flat position, which is more needed for babies under one year old, and the cart is designed to only lie down, which is more suitable for babies Use for short breaks.

  Usually, the dual-use cart is relatively large and heavy due to its complex structure, so it is better to choose an aluminum alloy frame; while the umbrella cart emphasizes lightness, the seat back adjustment is usually fixed or the adjustment angle is small.

  Beware of mothers: the backrest design of the baby stroller should conform to the ergonomic design, and the longitudinally stitched backrest design should be selected to protect the immature neck and back of the baby.

  4, handle

   can be divided into directional and two-way; because the two-way handle can be reversed, it can face the baby, and it is usually more suitable for newborns. There are also handles that can be adjusted for height, which is designed for different heights.

  Caution for mothers: Be careful not to hang other objects on the handle when using, so as not to overturn the weight and hurt the baby.

  5, close

  Currently on the market can be divided into three categories

   1. The traditional folding, folding the front and back, and then standing, usually a dual-use baby stroller, which is a square shape after folding.

  Second, 3 in 1 baby strollers, fold left and right, then fold up and down, usually an umbrella cart, after being folded, it is a slender shape and small in size. The disadvantage is that it usually cannot stand.

  Three. Fold the front and back, and then fold it left and right. After being folded, the size is appropriate and it can be carried on the shoulder. It is a popular design at present, but the disadvantage is that the frame is less stable. Pay more attention to the uneven road surface when using it.

Mothers beware: As far as safety is concerned, the folding structure in the stroller is a very important part. There is a lot of safety because the folding structure suddenly fails, so there is no danger to the baby; therefore, in response to this point, various countries The tests for this structure are quite rigorous, and one important thing is the setting of the second safety lock, that is, when the normal device fails improperly, there is still no danger of being completely compromised.

  6, skeleton

  If the baby stroller frame is made of iron tube, it is usually heavier; aluminum tube is lighter.

  Beware of mothers: For convenience, some people will choose lightweight baby strollers, but you must pay attention to whether the strollers have qualified labels from the Commodity Inspection Bureau, so as to avoid blindly pursuing light weight, and the risk of unstable frame is not worth the loss.

  7, seat belt

  Any stroller has a seat belt design, the function is to protect the baby from falling out of the car due to random movement.

  8, front guardrail

  This function is to prevent the baby from falling. However, when purchasing, it is best to choose a detachable design. Not only is it convenient to change diapers, but when the child is older, the guardrail can be removed to avoid too small seating space.

  9, storage basket

  Usually designed under the stroller, it is convenient to put baby bottles, diapers, etc. when going out.

  10, anti-vibration device

Generally, strollers spend most of their time outdoors, but the road surface is sometimes flat and sometimes bumpy, although foam or resin cotton is usually added to the cushion of the stroller to increase the comfort of the baby when riding. However, when encountering uneven roads, soft cushions can no longer provide comfort. Therefore, general strollers are equipped with anti-vibration functions to cope with bumpy roads. Anti-vibration devices are generally equipped with front or rear wheels. When selecting, place the car on the ground and lightly press the frame to test the degree of flexibility.

  11, brake device

When the stroller is stopped, the operator may not always stay next to the stroller. When the stroller is parked on sloped terrain and the operator cannot hold the frame, the stroller will slide at any time The overturning and overturning is likely to cause great danger to the baby; that is, because of this, the brake device is one of the necessary safety equipment for the stroller, and the brake device generally used for the stroller has the function of slowing down.

  Beware of mother: When selecting, place the frame on the ground, press down the brake lever to form a stop state, apply a little force to push and pull forward and backward to see if the brake lever will jump or slide easily. In addition, the brake part of the stroller must be marked with bright colors to avoid accidentally stepping on it.

  12, height adjustment device

This device is mainly for the different heights of the operator. In order to consider the comfort of the operator when pushing, an adjustable height device is added to the position of the push rod; this device can be divided into two types: bending type and telescopic type , Can be selected according to different preferences.

  13, various stroller accessories

   can be selected according to usage habits or local climate conditions.

  A, dinner plate

   can be installed in front of the seat, can be placed in the tableware or directly placed retail.

  B, upper tray

   can provide the operator to place drinks or small objects.

  C, foot cover

  Provided to keep babies warm when used outdoors in colder areas.

  D, rain cover

  Provide a full cover baby carriage when it rains.

  Applicable age and service life

The baby cannot sit firmly within six months, so it is more suitable for sitting and lying. Strollers that cannot lie flat are more suitable to be used until the baby is more than six months old. A stroller can be used for the baby about two years old. It is based on the load capacity, and the general test standard is nine to fifteen kilograms. However, some parents still let their older children ride in a stroller, so pay more attention to safety.

   Alike stroller can be used for about four to five years. If it is not damaged, it can be given to the baby of relatives and friends if it is used up at home. Proper maintenance and normal use can ensure that the stroller can be safely used by the second child.


  Cannot stay on the slope;

  The guardian cannot stay away from the trolley;

When the child sleeps at night, he should not be put in the car, because the child falls asleep, rolls over, rolls over and easily falls off the car or rolls over. After the child falls asleep when going out, he can temporarily put the child in the stroller under the supervision of his family . In addition, long-term sleeping in a trolley for a child is not good for his physical development.

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