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Pram pram manufacturer teach you choose and buy must pay attention to the pram

by:Rodite     2020-09-16
Very much treasure treasure mom dad the pram, when the choose and buy wants to baby stroller should have enough space, and to the smart light, however, as most of the treasure to haven't contact with parents before the stroller, so this kind of subjective opposite requires us to choose and buy is also understandable. Pram manufacturer today with numerous treasure father treasure mom together to solve the problem of these is not a problem. 1, baby stroller handle reversing many portable stroller will adopt the design of the reversing handle, portable cart wheel size is small, so the pushed the impact is not big. But there are still a lot of parents plan to buy a pram high landscape steady heavy, but also requires is the design of the reversing handle, think out the way you don't have to remove the seat, should be more easy and convenient operation. Think so also seemed very normal, but high landscape trolleys, rear wheel size is bigger, plus a pram rear wheels are directional wheel, the large size of the rear wheel into the front wheel push up is very flexible, especially when turning. Back and forth and never go out frequently reversing operation. So now high landscape cart handles the reversing design, a very small, almost all high-end multi-functional stroller, reversing are also USES two-way installation of seat design, it is not technically impossible. Pram manufacturer we received a lot of parents, first of all, he can't handle the reversing, can't, then pass directly. Then go to the next set, the result is no result. 2, light + suspension good stroller holding this need to filter the stroller is very much, actually this is like the opening we talked about, SUV + Smart, there is this car? Pram shock and weight usually has a direct relationship, though most products on the suspension propaganda damping spring are focused on wheels and the frame, but is in fact the weight factors directly. So here also want to see the parents here, no need to hold this kind of request to choose the pram, itself that is the respective characteristics of two types of baby stroller, portable car certainly shock generally, shock absorbing good stroller could not light. 3, light + high landscape pram landscape this concept has been a lot of brand baby stroller to play bad. So also led to a lot of parents pram is lightweight and high landscape as a selection criteria. And now there are some OEM and branded domestic brands, some specially designed seat height 60 cm + portable stroller, this deliberate cater to customers' design actually not recommend you to choose. Reason is simple, is to focus on the high side, lack of stability to increase safety hidden trouble, and many parents habits didn't know much about the safety of the pram while going out, so if you go out in the parking ramp, or no wrist band, forget to put on the brakes, etc. , will add to the safety problems. 4, baby stroller seat width, length, there are many parents always worry about the seat is too narrow, the baby after big enough to sit, so each alternative pram, all want to write down their own seat width or length. In fact the same type of baby carriages, especially high landscape pram, the seat size difference is very small. Seat width, for example, are usually in 33 cm - 36 cm between the gap is very small. In addition you can also measure our home or office, the single seat width generally is 40 cm, adults can sit, 40 cm width of less than 3 years old children, 33 cm + is quite enough. This itself is a lot of peer or manufacturer completely didn't go to deliberately think a problem, can actually make a lot of parents all kinds of remedy and worry, it is totally unnecessary. 5, independent sleep basket size, this is also a few parents do support plate object factors, different brand different models of the pram sleeping basket, size although each are not identical, but the gap is three or four centimeters or less, a period of 6 months babies usually suffice. Most parents do not really think of this problem, but a small number of customers on the contrary, this is not a problem of paralysis. 6, the pram origin of a lot of parents are more concerned about alternative pram is where production, actually care about this & other; Born & throughout; , you might as well have a look at the more practical product quality inspection standards. As the generation of labor power, most of the pram all over the world has been domestic, too believe foreign origin, there are some prejudice on domestic, is actually very subjective a myth. This we also dedicated in the blog before. Pram manufacturer summary: choose for our baby stroller, just pay attention to the above several details function, unnecessary entangled with some questions is not a problem, of course before the pram manufacturer also said, know about poor baby products is not enough, not to buy baby carriages of experience, there are some subjective judgment standard is also normal.
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