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Please note: children sit seat don't wear a thick coat

by:Rodite     2020-09-19
On November 29, according to UK media news reports, all the parents know that took the kids to drive out to use the seat, but few people know the child dress protection of safety seat also has a great influence. Please note: children sit seat don't wear a thick coat of parents to pay attention to is that when children are also wearing a thick coat, even on the seat, is completely useless. This is because, if the child is bound in a thick, shaggy coat, even though they look and the belt tightly, but actually there is a big gap between body and seat belts. If safety seats and children don't match, it can't work normally. Especially like the above said, the child wearing a heavy coat, if a collision, seat belts can not well fit the child's body, not to inhibit the action of the protection. Foreign media to remind your parents, when you can smooth slide two fingers between the seat belts, safety seat belts are tight enough. If parents concerned about their children no coat will catch a cold, can cover the child's body and seat with a blanket
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