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Pet Stroller With a Cat in It

by:Rodite     2020-05-15
On the corner of a city street there was a little crowd gathering. I wandered over to see what was going on. People were complimenting and admiring a very smart lady wheeling a pet stroller. In fact the scarf she was wearing matched the stroller material. Inside this warm little cocoon on wheels was a cat! Right there in the middle of all the city traffic a cat, obviously enjoying every single moment of it. Until a year or two ago this scene would never have happened. However much you and your cat wanted to be together there was no way to arrange it. With the invention of the pet stroller, now you can take your pet anywhere you want to. However, some cats would be much too nervous to ride in the city. In that case a nice little stroll down a country lane would be better. Have you noticed how cats sit in the window for hours on end, watching what goes on outside? I'm convinced most of them really want to be out there. There's only one way to find out. Borrow or buy a pet stroller. Leave it standing around in the house. Cats love new places to hide and sleep in. One day when the cat is in the stroller, just wheel it gently into the yard. If the cat is absolutely terrified and freaks out, then either you've done a bad job of introducing the stroller or a stroller is not for this particular cat. However, don't give up after only one try. Humans as well as animals need to get used to something new before they like it. Going back to the beginning, where the smart lady stood on the city street corner with her smart cat in a smart pet stroller; it turned out she was meeting a friend. The crowd grew as the friend approached wheeling a double pet stroller. There was a cat in the bottom and a little dog on the top. Gasps of appreciation and envy came from the crowd, which soon dispersed when the two ladies walked off to the shops. However, there was a small faction of people, off to the side, who were laughing and sniggering about lazy pet owners and show offs. Others were questioning the selfish treatment of pets by the pet owners. Is forcing them into a stroller a good thing for them? Only you can decide. You love your pets and you will surely know whether they are enjoying their pet stroller ride or not. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube! Pet strollers have been invented and are here to stay. It is only fair to your pet to give them a try.
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