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Pet Stroller Miracle?

by:Rodite     2020-06-07

The ten year old boy was in a coma. Three weeks ago he had been crossing a busy road with his dog. A truck hit the boy, tossing him into the air. He landed on the sidewalk, crumpled and unconscious. The dog was unhurt. An ambulance arrived, sirens blaring, and took the boy to the nearest hospital. Somehow, the family was tracked down. The mother sat at the boy's bedside day and night. The father came and went, doing what needed to be done. There were children to care for and a frantic dog, who knew everything about the accident but couldn't tell. Nothing seemed to work to stimulate the boy's brain. Toys were brought in, brothers, sisters, friends - even his most special teddy bear who slept alongside him every night. The boy just lay there limp and unresponsive. An idea began to form in the mother's mind. The Dog. If the boy could feel and stroke the dog it might be the one and only hope of ending this coma. The boy and the dog were inseparable. They had a very tight bond which was most unusual. Long into the night mother and father discussed how they could smuggle the dog into the hospital. The staff was sympathetic, but dogs were definitely not allowed in. Back at home a family meeting took place - mother, father, children, friends and dog. Many plans were hatched then discarded. The best one was to wrap the dog in a blanket and carry him in like a baby. This plan failed even before they reached the elevator. The dog whined, drawing attention to itself. Very reluctantly they were told to leave. At this critical point, with the coma persisting, the atmosphere at home was dreadful because everyone was disappointed that the plan had failed. The general conviction was that the dog, and only the dog, could bring the boy out of the coma. Amidst all this despair a young girl, family friend, banged on the door. She knew the situation and the problem, and was beside herself with excitement. 'We can do it! We can do it!' She cried out, hopping around in delight. They all asked, 'HOW?' 'With a Pet Stroller. We can lend you ours. We can put the dog in our pet stroller.' 'What's a pet stroller?' everyone asked at once. 'It's a stroller to put small animals in instead of babies. Trust me, it will be allowed in the hospital.' Mother phoned the hospital immediately and explained that a pet stroller is completely enclosed with a soft mesh front for the dog to look out. Please could they bring the dog to the boy using the pet stroller? After a while the answer came back - YES. Mother, father and dog-in-stroller went to the boy's bedside. The dog knew immediately that the boy was in the bed. Father lifted the stroller so the dog could lick the boy through the mesh front. You can imagine how the dog fussed, snuffled, whined, with soft little barks and lots of licking and slobbering. Was that the boy's hand moving to touch the dog? Did those fingers ruffle the dog's fur? The doctors were astounded and the word miracle was whispered around the hospital that night. The pet stroller was used for visiting every day until the boy was well enough to go home. The lesson here is never give up. Try to find a solution to the problem. Guess what the boy's gift was from his mother and father. A PET STROLLER. 'It's for crossing busy roads safely with the dog' they said. It is very dangerous to have a dog in traffic. The leash can get tangled, or you can drop it and the dog can get worried and run off. I pass this tip onto all pet owners: Check out all the different kinds of Pet Strollers. You will find one just the right size and comfort for your pet.

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