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Is foldable baby stroller tested before shipment?
Yes, we ensure sufficient inspection of the finished products before they are shipped out of the factory. Hubei Rodite industry &trading co., LTD has been focusing on the manufacturing of foldable baby stroller for years. We are proficient in conducting quality control methods, including appearance inspection, tests on product performance, and functionality inspections. There is a quality control team arranged for product quality enhancement. Once there are defectives found, they will be removed to increase the pass rate. If you are interested in our quality control process, please contact us to apply for a factory visit.
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Our main focus is to produce the best dog stroller in the market. The dog stroller series has become a hot product of Rodite. Our custom stroller is warmly welcomed at home abroad by its fabulous design.Its frame is made of high-strength steel, which makes it highly rust-resistant. Rodite has perfect baby buggy management system for baby buggy. The product has a very good shock absorption effect.
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Our vision is to significantly improve customer satisfaction. We are working on a plan that assists specialists at the customer interface to gain fresh insights into customer needs and preferences, so as to ultimately create cost-effective values to customers.

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