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How to choose baby carriage for Baoma

How to choose baby carriage for Baoma


Baby buggy is a kind of tool car designed to provide convenience for outdoor activities of infants. There are various models. Generally, children aged 1 to 2 play with strollers, and children over 2 play with toy cars with wheels. The stroller will bring certain benefits to children's intellectual development and increase children's brain development. At the same time, it's also the baby's favorite walking vehicle, and it's also a must for mom to take her baby shopping on the street. However, according to the baby's growth and use, baby strollers can be divided into many types. Mainly according to the load-carrying capacity as the standard, the general test standard is nine to fifteen kilograms. A typical stroller can be used for about four to five years.


Baby carriage is actually divided into two types: multi-functional cart. There is also a small and light baby carriage. Multi function and multi-purpose cart. The frame of his car is designed to be thick and strong, and the wheels of the car are large, especially the rear wheels, which are more prominent, compared with the size of the front and rear wheels.

You'll find that it's obviously different. The weight of the car is generally more than 20 kg. The seat position of the car is also relatively high. It's usually more than 60 cm above the ground. So we call this kind of car a high landscape car. This kind of car has many functions. There is an independent sleeping bag seat in it, which can be adjusted in two directions. This kind of car is very stable. The car body is very high-grade and shockproof, and the effect is very good. We blow it very comfortably, and babies are also very comfortable. But this kind of car is very inconvenient to carry, so when we go out a long distance, if we take it This kind of car is not recommended for public transportation.

Fixed volume car is a small and light baby car. They have a common feature: the weight is less than 10.6 kg, the size of the car wheels is relatively small, and the four wheels are generally the same size of the car body. The design of the stock price of the car body is more detailed. It is also very convenient for babies to lie in the car or sit in the car, and the car It can be folded. It is very convenient for adults to carry and use directly. This lightweight stroller is recommended for babies between the ages of zero and three.

When using the stroller, if we don't know which one we need to buy, we can have two solutions. First, if we buy two strollers, we don't need to think about it. We must buy one of each type. When we are at home, we can use the large stroller with heavy multi-function and weight. Although it's inconvenient to carry, it has complete functions. It's very convenient to use, and the shock absorption effect is very good. Babies can do a lot of activities on it, but this is generally for newborn babies. When the baby needs to go out for activities when he is a little older, the light stroller is more suitable.

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Because babies usually don't want to stay in the house at this time, they prefer outdoor activities, while heavy-duty multi-functional baby carriages are not easy to transport when using public transport, while sober baby carriages are easier to carry, so it's suggested that you use baby carriages at this time. If you only buy one car, then I think you don't need to think about it carefully. We can directly Buy a baby stroller, because in the current situation, the back angle of the baby stroller is adjusted to a large extent, which is very convenient to use and not easy to break. It is also very convenient for us to carry, and can be carried directly when we travel.

When choosing a stroller for baby, we should not only look at the appearance of the car, but also refer to the price and quality of the car. How to buy it depends on your actual situation.

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