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Can't Have Too Many Baby Strollers

by:Rodite     2020-05-14
It was the strangest baby shower I had ever been to. The brunch was delicious and the rest of the ladies were chatty and pleasant, nothing weird there. The decorations were pretty pink to acknowledge what we had all found out prior to the event -our beloved Maggie would be having a little girl, a future baby shower attender if you will. Honestly, I had barely recovered from my own recent pregnancy and subsequent birth of a beautiful baby boy before I got whipped up in a whirlwind of everyone else I know getting pregnant. My sister, two cousins, and several close and nearly close friends. This was the first shower but everyone there knew the ball was rolling on everyone in our social circle becoming a parent. So I almost felt like something of a wise sage. What was truly strange though was the pile of gifts. There were some bags and hard to distinguish boxes, perfectly wrapped with baby oriented wrapping paper and gorgeous ribbons. There was also more than half a dozen strollers, all different shapes and sizes lined up, each had a bow on it or some sort of flair. Some had tied fancy rattles to the handles, or draped lovely baby bags. Still there was no denying there was a weird and wide array of the best baby strollers around on display. We all wondered, the rudest of us aloud, which would she choose and which would she send back? So we were all surprised when she seemed to appreciate something different about each one. The amount of space on a certain baby carriage seemed like it would be a good thing if she were going to be out of the house for a while. There was the jogging stroller, a must have for anyone, especially someone as traditionally athletic as Maggie. There were a few lightweight strollers that would make travel in certain situations very easy, not to mention lighten the load when packing and unpacking the car on longer trips. Honestly, there was something that Maggie found to love about each and every one of those baby strollers. So when decision time came, she kept them all. She now had a different baby stroller for every day of the week and you know she used every one of them. I was very surprised by how malleable she was about the whole thing. No favorites, just practical decision making each morning when she took the little baby out. It was like strollers were the new shoes. Needless to say everyone's baby showers would mirror this one from here out. I guess it is not so strange any more.
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