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Baby carriages of choose and buy, be sure to select the brand baby stroller manufacturers

by:Rodite     2020-09-17
Now families with babies basic will be equipped with a stroller, so bring baby go out can greatly alleviate the burden of parents. However, experts say, to make the baby stroller to choose carefully. At present the design of the stroller on the market, there are many different kinds of brand, let a person dazzling, parents often confused, busy with work at ordinary times, for some brands and styles all don't understand, don't know how to choose and buy. In fact, the most important thing is to buy safe baby carriages and safely use the stroller. Xiamen road leopard pram manufacturer today show your parents how to buy safe baby cart, safe use of the pram and matters needing attention. Now more and more varieties of all kinds of baby cart, mommy picking cart first is to choose safe, second baby stroller price is appropriate, because the use of two or three years time, however, unless your budget ample choice too expensive trolleys and recommend it. Buy baby strollers to check and pay attention to what? You first need to see the stability of the car, general base is wide, the seat high above the ground distance is good. When the choose and buy may wish to try to store cart is easy to tear down or, whether to try the car on the slope is stable. Second is whether the push up comfortable, will hit the feet walking inconvenience caused. Then there is material inspection trolley nameplate, try the stroller seat belt and the frame is solid, is the most safe for now baby 5 point safety clasp. Then again when using need to pay attention to what? Remember that as long as the baby in the pram, when the baby car must fasten the waist belt. It is recommended to use 5 point safety belt, three point are rarely now, five point of the safest, this is a lot of parents will be ignored. The length of the waist belt, size should be adjusted, but with four fingers into the adult advisable, adjust the end is best left out of 3 cm. Cannot be used in the case of a seatbelt off, don't let the baby stand up out of the car. ( Baby stroller manufacturers merchants to join) Every time when using the pram leave a heart, the need for security checks, such as the car nut, screw is loose, flexible part is available on the couch, wheel brake is flexible and effective. Screw loosening or wheels frame do you have any damage. If there is a problem, must handle in time. Now handcart generally have the function of charge or, before use to check it again or set switch is in good condition, lest produce accident harm the baby. Pram folding suggested that had better choose the two accident prevention fold system, not because of the negligence of parents, cause baby hurt. Strollers time shoulds not be too fast also shoulds not be shaking or lift the front or rear wheel, a slope and stopped to have a rest, baby stroller automatically slide, overturned, injuring the baby, remember that the parking brake. When selecting a cart, will pay attention to, must be that span the entire rear wheel brake lever, this could be stepped on in any emergency. Baby sitting in the car, the mother may not leave at will. Pushing a baby for a walk, if the baby fell asleep to lay down, lest make the waist of the burden, damage. Don't put car in the near to the fire, the plastic may due to the high temperature deformation, cause the pram can't normal use.
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