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Baby carriage selection skills, learn these moves, make sure you buy good!

Baby carriage selection skills, learn these moves, make sure you buy good!


Baby stroller is a necessary "big piece" in baby's articles. Many Baoma choose it from the time of pregnancy. It has good shock absorption and high landscape, but it's not light enough. Improper seat angle will affect baby's spine development. Whether the fabric is breathable, the wheel flexibility and the handlebar can be adjusted or not should be considered too much. Instead, we don't know how to "start". Today, let's talk about how to choose. Choose a custom baby stroller!



How to choose baby carriage for different ages?

0-1 years old: tall and strong baby stroller

Key words - tall

Now the outdoor pollution is serious, and the pollutants are close to the ground, which will affect the respiratory system and even brain development of the newborn. So Baoma should try her best to choose a big pram for her baby.

Key words - shock absorption

The most taboo for a baby is to shake his head with a bang when he goes up or down the steps. Because in this period, their brain and spine are immature, shock absorption is very important for their babies.


The damping effect of tire is not only related to tire material, but also to tire size. Generally, the rubber tire with inflation has better shock absorption effect and is more durable. But the rubber material is also divided into good and bad, we should pay attention to the selection of Baoma.

The cart with wide and large wheels is not as light and flexible as the cart with small wheels, but its stability and shock absorption are better, and it is more suitable for young children. The smaller the baby, the larger the wheel.


The frame of bow structure can play a good shock absorption effect. The frame material is very important. Aluminum alloy material is durable and light, which is the best choice. Stainless steel trolley is durable but heavy, while plastic trolley is light but short in service life, which are secondary choices. Follow the principle that the smaller the baby, the better the material.


The damping effect of the spring is related to the material and turns of the spring itself. Whether it is external or internal, installed on the wheel or frame, the shock absorption effect of the stroller needs to be judged after personal use. Although the custom stroller has a certain shock absorption effect, if it encounters a particularly uneven road surface, Baoma still needs to hold the baby up, which can protect the safety of the baby on the one hand and extend the service life of the stroller on the other hand.

Key words - seat direction

It's better to choose a seat that can be adjusted in two directions. The baby seat within 1 year old should face to face with the parents as much as possible, which can not only increase parent-child communication face to face, give the baby enough sense of security, but also observe the baby at any time, whether he is sleepy, whether there is a towel or clothing blocking his mouth and nose?

Key words - seat angle

European and American countries stipulate that the maximum tilt angle of the baby carriage seat shall not exceed 175 °, because when the baby lies on his back at 180 °, in case of vomiting due to bumpy road or other reasons, the parents fail to find out in time, which is very likely to cause danger. So baomamas don't choose a 180 ° flat seat for their babies because they are too young to sit.



1-2.5 years old: medium wheel solid stroller

Key words - moderate height

Babies of this age like to climb up and down, and it's easy to fall down when sitting on a too high cart, while the medium wheel stroller is convenient for children to get on and off.

Key words - firmness

As the motor system and body coordination ability are not developed at this stage, the trolley should still be quite strong and play a strong role in protecting and supporting the baby.

2.5-4 years old: small wheel lightweight stroller

Key words - Lightweight

Because the baby has grown up at this time, there is not so high requirement on comfort, but higher requirement on reducing the overall weight. The portable small cart can help reduce the overall weight, and it is also very flexible and convenient to travel.

Key words - one button car collection

This setting is very important for Baoma who takes her out alone. Holding her in one hand and closing her car in the other hand can save a lot of effort. Where else to choose a stroller?

Pick seat

If the seat is too thin or too flat, there will be no support force, which will cause the baby to slide down in the car. If the seat is too soft, it will also cause the spine to bend. It is suggested that the seat should be soft and hard, the baby should have head and neck protection, or Baoma can add a non slip pad.

Pick up safety belt

When you buy a cart, you must try out the seat belt. It's better to choose the one with strong and durable fasteners, which is easy for adults to open and hard for babies to open. It is recommended that baomam buy five point seatbelts to make the seatbelts fit the baby's body, and the material is thick, which can prevent the baby from slipping out of the cart.

Cantilever brake

It is better to choose a stroller with "one step and two brakes" function, because "one step and two brakes" is more safe and reliable, you can brake two wheels at the same time and release the brake at the same time with one step.

Pick the handle

There is a gap in the height of Bao PA and Bao ma. The height of the handle is suitable for Bao ma. Bao PA is very tired when pushing the cart. He has to hunch his back all the time. When the height is suitable for Bao PA, Bao Ma has to hold her arm high all the time. So choose the handle that can adjust the direction, everyone is comfortable to use!

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