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10 elements to buy a baby stroller

10 elements to buy a baby stroller


Why is the lowest angle of the backrest of many baby buggys 175 degrees instead of 180 degrees completely flat? Because the design of the angle of the stroller should consider its safety. If you lie down completely at 180 degrees, your baby is likely to choke due to spitting up milk; secondly, when the stroller is moving in the wind, the baby’s nose is easy to suck in the cool breeze; when the stroller goes uphill again, the possibility of the baby slipping out from the top of the stroller increases. Among the above three points, the lowest angle of the cart backrest is 175 degrees is the safest.

  Element 1. The movable joints of the stroller must be very sensitive, which is the first priority of safety. In order to facilitate the storage or transportation of the car, a movable joint with a locking function is usually designed. If these movable joints are not sensitive, when the baby is still in the xustom stroller, the frame may suddenly collapse due to the failure of the movable joints, causing the baby's delicate body to be clamped by the body, causing considerable injury.

  Element 2. Carefully observe the main components such as the push rod and adjustment rod of the baby pram. Generally speaking, the diameter should be about 1-1.2 cm. If the diameter is only 0.6 cm, it may be an imitation of cutting corners. This kind of cart can easily be broken in an emergency, causing danger.

  Element 3. Since purified fiber fabric is harmful to the baby's skin, the fabric of the genuine stroller should be polyester or cotton products. The color fastness of such fabrics is often tested. Even if babies wear light-colored clothes or pee in the car, there is no need to worry about their clothes being stained with other colors. If you rub a white cloth on the cloth of the cart, you will find that the white cloth has been dyed with a certain color, which is probably a poor quality imitation.


  Element 4. Do not have sharp edges, sharp corners, protrusions, rivets and small parts that are easy to fall off. In addition, the gaps that can be touched by the hands and feet are generally greater than 12 mm or less than 5 mm, which will not hurt the baby's hands and feet. The push rods and armrests of the cart should be sprayed with an anti-corrosion protective layer to prevent heavy metal elements from harming the health of the baby. It also depends on the quality of plastic parts, choose products with strong plastic toughness, bright and pure colors, and good gloss.

  Element 5. It must have a shock-absorbing structure, which can fully absorb the vibration caused by uneven road surface, and give the baby's head and whole body maximum protection. No matter what the angle is, it can keep the baby's neck in the most comfortable state and prevent damage to the brain and cervical spine. With the change of the angle, there is no gap between the baby's waist and the seat, the back stretches, and the abdomen is not compressed, which is conducive to the normal organ development of the baby and prevents indigestion.

  Element 6. The depth between the seat pocket and the armrest of the baby stroller luxury should not be too shallow, so as to prevent the baby from shifting its center of gravity when it rolls over or twists in the car, causing a rollover accident. The depression of the car cushion should be less than 5 cm to avoid excessive depression affecting the growth and development of the baby's spine and bones.

  Element 7. Check whether the cart is easy to open and whether the casters rotate flexibly. It is better to have more than 5 casters. The brake device is one of the necessary safety equipment for the baby stroller, because the mummy does not always stay by the car when the car is stopped. If you park on a sloped terrain and Mommy can’t hold the frame, the car will slide and overturn at any time, posing great danger to your baby. In addition, a baby stroller with folding function should be equipped with a locking safety device to avoid accidental folding of the stroller during use, which may cause injury to the baby.

  Element 8. When purchasing a baby stroller, first check whether the product’s certificate of conformity, quality assurance, warranty card, instruction manual and other documents are complete and whether there are anti-counterfeiting marks. It is best to go to a regular store to buy. If parents still have doubts about the product, they can ask the manufacturer to provide the address of the product testing organization in order to obtain relevant test certificates.

  Element 9. When buying a foldable baby stroller, consider the age of the baby in months. It is suitable to use the "small bed" stroller under 8 months, that is, the kind that can be folded and unfolded like a crib with a sunshade outside. Under 1 year old, you should choose a dual-purpose stroller that can sleep and sit on. The car should have a canopy to avoid dust and direct sunlight. 1-3 years old should choose a cart that is mainly used for sitting. When going out in the park and walking, you can sit and push the cart to learn to walk. Tables and chairs for learning to eat at home.

  Element 10. Many parents hope that the stroller has a variety of additional functions when buying, and think that this is a good value for money, but this shopping concept is not appropriate. This is because the more products are assembled or shared with each other, the proportion of possible problems will increase, especially the safety of a single use state will be reduced. Therefore, when purchasing products with multiple functions, you must consider whether it meets safety standards and you must be cautious.

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